saturday, 25 May 2024
Besides the company presentation and its projects, SE2P created this dynamic and interesting website to give its visitors technical information and news related to Engineering. We hope you consider it that way.
SE2P is responsible for specific civil engineering projects for several contractors, who are building power upgrades to the existing dams of Bemposta and Venda Nova III.
Composite Road Bridges
SE2P has been designing steel-concrete composite bridge decks in several countries such as Angola, Algeria and Mozambique.
New Markets
We would like to thank our clients for conceding us the possibility to take abroad Portuguese Engineering Design.
Solid Waste Engineering
After designing the building plans for the future waste treatment centers in Pico and Faial, SE2P has been maintaining its intervention in this area, collaborating with Efacec in the Renovation and Extention of other five solid waste centers.
Renewable Energy Systems
Taking interest in other areas of activity, SE2P took part as a consultant in the design of three photovoltaic parks in Northern Portugal.
Centre for Residue Management of Pico and Faial
SE2P developed the Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing Design for both the Centre of Residue Management in Pico and Faial Islands, promoted by Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e do Mar in Azores.
Structure Ceiling in the Central Tunnel - Venda Nova III
Construction of a false ceiling inside the Central Tunnel, integrated in the general construction of the reinforcement of the power of the use of Venda Nova - Venda Nova III to be carried out by the company EDP - Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A.
Search Projects
CTC Bellville - Cape Town
Building Operational Command Center of Railway Network Bellville - Cape Town, South Africa
"António Lamoso" Cinetheater
Artwork from remodeling that adapted the cine theater to the new regulatory demands, increasing the valences of spaces available.
João Rocha Modalities Pavilion - Lisbon
The SE2P designed the metal roof covering the playground and adjacent benches and resting on a base reinforced concrete structure.
Praia D’Ouro Building - Foz do Douro, Porto
Collective housing building consisting of seven fractions of housing and respective cellars for parking and storage.
Viaducts in Metallic-Mixed Structure - Mexico
The SE2P in collaboration with the GEG has designed 12 viaducts simply supported with spans varying between 38m and 59m.
Reconversion of the Ancient Clara Garage
Recovered the rafter type Polonceau Composed spaced 4.00m, with an approximately equal height 4.60m and winning a span of 19.40m. The support cover made up new metallic pillars.
Housing Rehabilitation - Oporto
The SE2P had the pleasure to participate with project stability and hydraulic systems in this rehabilitation of great quality. The high-quality photos are also by José Campos Architectural Photography.
Benfica Stadium Luxury Flats
SE2P executed the stability project for Lot 4 (2nd phase), located in the Benfica Urbanization, Luciana Stegagno Picchio street, parish of São Domingos de Benfica, in Lisbon.
Matola Municipal Council Building
We thank all those who have given us the opportunity to participate in this challenging project.
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security - Maputo
We thank all those who have given us the opportunity to participate in this challenging project.